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Confira a Letra Alienated

Urban Dance Squad


Time to flex real yo' 3 minutes I steal yo
Pay attention what I mentioned is cold like steel so
Life's like moby dick, get chewed, get spat out,
Weep with the handkerchief, built up 'n get to grips,
Humans so shady, man it amazes me
How I can't lose my cool and snipe like wesley
Especially when testing me, god I might stun 'em
Got somethin' in common, then I run from 'em
Alienated, alienated,
People got me wrong man, a millionated
So complicated, so frustrated,
Wish I got faded, alienated
Livin' like john q citizen, one of you,
Skin I'm in is the same, brother ain't pullin' you,
Mind peace how can it last,
Each fragment by fragment, stroll with soul
In control like the girl janet
Brotherman livin' slum,
Eyes demand give me some,
I crawl too for a fat cheque 'n income,
Disbelief hissin', now think that I'm dizzin'
Innercity, urban zombie, won't you please listen ?
But I got to keep my head up
Whack black on black crime,
Destroyin' the black mind,
Human beings never seeing,
The toll 'n deadly sign
A lotta love in chest - but I walk battledressed
Like pharcyde let it pass,
Bullshit 'n all the stress,
Composure's best form, when world's predatory
When shit gets down I got some troops ready for me
All this is insanity, too close to reality
Roll like ced-g, flex a spaceship mentality
But I got to keep my head up