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Confira a Letra Planet Ultra

Urban Dance Squad

Planet Ultra

I don't want to be standoffish
But I ain't gonna rot
In your office
Tried to adapt, now who's fooling who?
Get more response,
Relate more in a zoo
Pulsatin' veins, migraine
What a day
More ways to reach, without nothing to say
No need for the shanhara suit
This x-o manowar ain't on the rescue

Planet ultra

One junkie said to the other junkiehead
" Did you get what I told you to get ? "
Showed the emergency-stash, and got upset
Just to see
Planet ultra
Wanted to see planet ultra

Planet ultra

Time running hours in seconds flat
Sip another sip of cheap beaujolais
Fungus with the faeces
Big thesis
Wanna go out with a bang
And tell jesus
All the others deserve the great nebula
This is planet

Planet ultra

If you can't see it, you're not supposed to see it
If you can't hear it, you're not supposed to hear it