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Confira a Letra The Arsonist

Urban Dub

The Arsonist

Say goodbye to the world losing it all
Slowly eyes open to the night
Heaven now seems so far
My tears flow like the rivers
I die tonight.

Paint the streets in blood red.

Burn the streets tonight
We're losing it all
We're burning it all
Let it burn.

Why do we paint our lives
With patterns of loneliness?
Make me believe again
We make believe
Let's make believe that
sleep will come in the morning.

Let it burn down
We light up
Watching my world come crumbling
The end is coming
Time is running out.

Paint the streets in blood red.

Watching the world that I love crumbling down
Hurting the ones that I love
See their tears falling down
I am weak I have failed you again
I am weak I have failed you again
I have failed you again
I have failed you again.