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Confira a Letra The End


The End

The time has coma
Final act begins
Does the world still exist
Or it's just memory from the past
A tear in the eye
Gentle shudders and stirs
Slowly drifts down the mask
In silence, submission

Is this the end now?

As one story ends
And the other one starts
Unprovided, unavoided
So real and obscure
The time is so cruel
Still leading to the end
But of what? Of whom?...
Answer if you can. Now?...

But in this flesh
So aged and tired
The fire burns bright
Always ready to be released
So rise your arms again
Let's the blood fill the veins
Take breath deep in your lungs
And scream out and loud!!!!

In our dreams we may live forever
Immortal, indestructible
Like a God on the throne
Like God on the throne

This is not the end
This is not the end now!