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Confira a Letra However Many Takes It Takes


However Many Takes It Takes

Go swimming in the deep end
I find out where faith begins
You're waiting for an answer
That's acceptable
But the current sweeps you out to sea
And it keeps you guessing helplessly
You're praying for a savior who's exceptional
Someone who'll lift you from your knees
And salve your wounds, hand you the keys
And offer you the kingdom of your dreams
But nothing's ever as it seems
You find yourself farther downstream
Alone, save for the echo of your screams
Ah honey, fairytales are prone to tease

Well candles burn you warm and safe
You lock your door, control your space
And curtains drawn, you think that
You're impenetrable
But demons, they don't live outside
They burrow deep where they can hide
Inside us safe, you will still feel vulnerable
You draw a bath and pour some wine
You drink yourself into another time
Well, you feel truly free
The water's rising overhead
And you wake to find yourself in bed
You're gasping for breath, it's hard to breathe
Ah honey, dreams are rarely what they seem

Oh, however many takes it takes

Well, step outside into the sun
Let it dry your eyes and run
Around, feel the warm underneath your skin
The clouds will soon move in again
You can't expect to always win
You've got to take it as it comes
The marching bands and beating drums
Play familiar songs for the alum
We've all got scars, but we
Don't like to show them
Sometimes it's better to be strong
We all got to be moving on
You've got to walk a million miles
Ah honey, go walk 'em with a smile

Oh, however many takes it takes