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Confira a Letra The Murder Of The Lawson Family


The Murder Of The Lawson Family

It was on last christmas evening
A snow was on the ground
In a home in north carolina
Where the murderer he was found
His name was charlie lawson
And he had a loving wife
But we'll never know what caused him
To take his family's life.

They say he killed his wife at first
And the little ones did cry
"Please papa, papa, spare our lives
For it is so hard to die".
But the raging man could not be stopped
He would not heed their call
And he kept on firing fatal shots
Until he killed them all

And when the sad, sad news was heard
It was a great surprise
He killed six children and his wife
And then he closed their eyes
"And now farewell, kind friends and home
I'ii see you all no more
Into my heart I'll fire a fatal shot
Then my troubles will be o'er."

They did not carry him to jail
No lawyers did he pay
He'll have his trial in another world
On the final judgment day
They all were buried in a crowded grave
While angels watched above
"Come home, come home, my little ones
To the land of peace and love."

"Come home, come home, my little ones
To the land of peace and love."