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Confira a Letra Back To The Present

Vanilla Swingers

Back To The Present

Someone's gone and I'm unbelieving
Dreaming, thought I still heard you breathing
Then, when I wake, it's just the rain
'85, a beautiful morning
Read the note I should have seen coming
Knew what I must do

I understand you had to go
There's nowhere here that feels like home
Nothing compares to now
It all feels wrong somehow

One last look around and I'm leaving
Back to when we were just beginning
We'll make it work in the now and here
We can have a car and a family
Live off all my almanac gambling
Do just as we please

When I got back something had changed
I wandered staring
Like an accident survivor
But couldn't find her
I just want to let you know how very much I miss you
My travelling companion, there's so much I meant to say