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Confira a Letra Dead Children Don't Ask For Sweets

Vanity Ruins

Dead Children Don't Ask For Sweets

Years and years are crawling like worms
washing bloody hands with tears
we are drinking from a bloodshed
dancing to the music of screams
how long does it take a blind one
to notice they cut off his head
how long will he cry
about the victims of the yesterday's news
yell if you're concerned in daily horrors
their deathly hands don't make us furious anymore nine-year-old smiles still wait to be recycled to fill
with their innocence the miles of shallow graves
the blackness it has once already happened
a wretched end of the memories
cold tiny corpses
a deceased laughter of a child
that once warmed our hearts
but now it's buried
without attention to its name
under the debris of despair
they were so envious of them playing
the more children we kill the more childhood we lose broken bones in puppets' fingers
that tried to show us the way
cold moveless bodies
one last resolved smile
I've seen adorning your face
now it's surrounded by broken illusions
I see no colors anymore only the death
and the faded days of the past
have I forgotten it all?
all the things which have carried me away
have I forgotten it all?
forgotten to defend me against it
where are the places that we knew?
where are the paths that we connected?
the realm of thorns is created
a garden of darkness
the sources of fortune have run dry
in the realm of thorns
we're watching our days passing by.