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Confira a Letra In Spite Of All

Varius Manx

In Spite Of All

Lights go out conversations over what quiet down
The last tramway runs away from the night
I hate these moments
When I have to fight with a silence cause
I always loose and again I think of you
Of you

Flash of gold
We met in a small cafe downtown
And then you said
You trust me so deeply
Sometimes I wish
You left your perfect life for me
But smile of your child
Reminds me you're not mine

In spite of all
I wish you happiness
In spite of all
Please always be yourself
In spite of all
Don't degrade anything
In spite of all
Take care and save your dreams

People say I live in a cage made by myself
But I don't care
I just keep away from this game
You're not with me
You're live in other side
I hope everything you do is the best for you
For you

I have no right to love you
I have not right to hold you
Just give me the right to dry your tears
When you ever cry
If your love is great you don't have to be afraid
Cause all the world is yours
Lights go out but I can't fall asleep one more time
I loose with the night.