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Confira a Letra Bored to Tears

Varius Manx

Bored to Tears

Sun Outside
What Will I Do Today With Time?
It Is the Face
Which Looks the Way It Is Looked Before
I Can Play
The Game I Played the Other Day
So I`m Here
And Everything Seems to Be Clear

I Don`t Know
Why You Keep Smiling
When I Can`t Kill Time
I Just Wanna Be Satisfied
With Everything I Do
And Always Be a Happy Child
And Never Be Depressed
I Can`t Help Feeling I`m Tired
With Everything I Do

I Can Read
The Book I Read the Other Day
Watch Tv With the Same Guy
On the Screen

Go For a Walk
But I Don`t Care Much For the Weather
I`m So Sad
I Wanna Fall Asleep At Once