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Confira a Letra Children Of Our Mistakes


Children Of Our Mistakes

Break Free, From the gaze of her eyes
For she'll use those eyes as tractor beams
To keep you down to earth when your
Trying to take off.

Break Free
From the world's wicked lies
For they'll pass them off as scripture and
Hold you in contempt when you
Question the faith

Don't let them in or they'll find out who we are
Don't break the skin oh they're dying to tear us apart

Break Free
From your need to explode
There's only a few things we can control in this life
But as minute as they seem they are
The hinges that change the world

Break Free
From your need to Control
Well the world will throw it's weight on you
Just burn it up like a cigarette
And throw it all away

And they burn and they brun and they burn and they burn and they
Burden me

We learn and we learn and we learn and we learn that we're

And we can prey to, we can prey to, we can prey to, we can prey to
Break free

Prey for the children of our mistakes