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Confira a Letra Fabricated Air

Vega Under Fire

Fabricated Air

Oh the past few days
Have shown me that I've been torn
Between a nomadic life and a family
I adore I haven't been sleeping so well
Yeah, I've given it a lotof thought
And there is no sense in complaining
Or waiting for a change of heart
For all my guilt to start setting in
My lungs are weak from all this fabricated air
Weeks go by and I still don't have the strength
To lie, but I tryThe line was crossed
and now its time to start over
There's gotta be something
that I give a damn about
I doubt my faith
I doubt that this will turn out my way
And if anything, you will be ashamed
Don't count on those who are hollow
Lend your hand and pray that someday
They will return the favor
You have qualifications to be my primairy
Objective that I'm willing to achieve
At any cost and anywhere
Send me the location and ill be there