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Confira a Letra Rage Of A Prophet

Vegan Reich

Rage Of A Prophet

We came onto this scene revealing truths not told by those in search of fame and gold. Made a plea for you to change your evil ways. A warning: we won't tolerate the way you live in a fall from grace. Back to our original state, forward to Eden and the way it should be. A demand that one law's obeyed and all transgressions cease your choice deliverance from hell or riddance by the flame. You made the choice to turn your back again and then blame me for what I said would come: A prophecy of rage which foretold of coming days where you are laid to waste by the storm your evil deeds did bring. How dare you shift the blame when it's you who wrought this pain. It wasn't us who turned away it wasn't I who went astray. Our sols are pure our hands are clean we live our lives in harmony. The laws of nature we obey from its call we never flee to break the chains from life enslaved a pledge we'll keep to our dying day. With wise thoughts and thoughtful deeds a higher power guides our way. While you who condemn such righteous ones point those fingers with bloodstained hands in shadows - committing sins bringing darkness across the land. That wickedness you have sewn will surely cause your blood to run. Nobodies fault but your own, remember that when you hear… The executioner's song!