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Confira a Letra This Is It

Vegan Reich

This Is It

This is no angry youth anthem singing about teen age rebellion. it's not the voice of a generation we're not kids, this is no tantrum. nor is it a reaffirmation of the status quo of this nation, no stand for modern civilization and all it's barbaric traditions. this is the final solution to mankind's endless transgression, for earth's liberation a vegan revolution. beyond the confines and false divisions of alignment with color age or fashion no alliance given to any nation to earth alone is our devotion. guided by the purest convictions to harm no innocent life for our existence self reliant and free of the addictions that lead the weak on a path of destruction. we've attained perfection in ideology there's no others of comparison. the highest stage in mankind's evolution without question is veganism. and with this higher wisdom we offer you salvation but be warned, if you refuse it you'll face extermination. cos it's no personal decision nor a matter of opinion when the choice you make destroys all life in the ecosystem. your victims have been voiceless so we've spoken for them. now tired of wasting our breath there will be no more talking. this is it, no second chances, take heed it's your last warning. you'd better lock yourself inside because the storm is fucking coming...