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Confira a Letra I, The Jury

Vegan Reich

I, The Jury

I'm through with tolerance, no more acceptances of your crimes; i don't care about your 'freedom' cos your actions restrict mine. and the rights of those you step on every day as you drag down all in your way as you slowly self-decay. smoking a cash crop, i don't care if you die, but the animals tested, should they pay the price? or those who are near, who've not got a choice, but to breathe second hand smoke you create. and what of those who are killed or maimed when you drink and drive as if it's a game, or third world peasants forced to make your cocaine, enslaved and impoverished for the choices you've made. to feed your weakness, another vice, to satisfy your hunger, you never think twice, of the pain it causes others you just talk about your "rights" as you eat the flesh from another that you denied life. freedom is not just a one way street; you've got no right to choose when it gets in the way of others well being, their rights their needs to live free in peace, in a sane society. and everything you do does get in the way of all that surrounds you, so don't even say that it harms you and 'it's your choice to make' cos a weak link in the chain will break the whole thing. and that i cannot tolerate, won't let you pull us all down the drain, i'm through with looking the other way. it's fucking time to set things straight. for too long you've been the one to dictate the way the rest of us live and that's gonna change if you wish to remain, then stay in your place, cos you fuck up again and i won't hesitate... to infringe on your rights, to take them away, to be judge and jury, and make you fucking pay, for the crimes you commit day after day, cos only with you stopped will our lives be truly free!