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Confira a Letra The Angel's Invective

Velonnic Sin

The Angel's Invective

The Angel's Invective

Beqa's eyes discerned with envy
The Creator's Holy Throne.
But without the appellation,
Heaven he could not own.

A mind of calm sedition,
A trodden, bitter silence;
He confided in an archangel
Who stood with reverence.

Michael launched his steel devout,
Stripped Beqa's rank and crown,
Who recoiled into Shadow,
Then Kasbel he was known.

The betrayer wrought a plan
Among sinister, darkened kin,
Invoking sacrilegious shouts,
Against his principal sin.

At the crystal gates of Araboth,
Angels reined on porcelain steeds,
Wielding heavy brands of fire,
In panoplies of molten lava.

Slain apostates splayed the skies,
Their leader Kasbel fell
To a dank, ravenous abyss
Where only shadows dwelled.

Then labeled Satan - the Enemy Divine,
He sought vengeance on humankind.

The enlightenment of Earth:
Mortals bathed in putrid fruit,
For human sin was born
From a serpent bearing scorn.

Satan defied the written truths;
A balance that contrasts
The psychopathic Son of Man
With an illusory God.