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Confira a Letra Enemy



Tell me what you see inside
Would it scare you to live my life?
I can see inside your soul
Yuo can't be what you don't know
Living lies you're full of hate
I can see it in your face
Pushing yourself to a pace
I can be foverevermore
I look at you, I feel the pain
I can't take it anymore
Step back and look and see what's in front of me
You can look on and see what's inside of me
I can't hold on, you say I'm not your enemy
It is your time to die

I can see inside your mind
Told you what I can't deny
This is your time to come free
Forever come forever be
What you say cannot be true
So let it break inside of you
My inner self is full of rage
Fear is written on your face
I look at you, I feel the pain
I can't take it anymore


Kick back!

I can't hold back, you're inside of me, yeah! x2
Inside of me