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Confira a Letra Shut up


Shut up

Why can't you see I'm not down with the wicked?
Can't you see all the pain you've inflicted on me?
Just shut up and leave me alone, will you live or die tomorrow?
Now can you see are you livin in sin, will you die by tonight?
Can you bring it to me, will you listen to me?
And just look in my eyes and just tell me what you see
My anger rises within me
What do you see in me?
Tell me what does it mean when you
Feel the pain rise up in you and me
Can't you feel it your anger is a gift
Are you insane in the brain and you cannot feel your pain?
How else am I suppose to say it, you're lost in a maze
Left or right, up or down, where you gonna go?
Who you gonna show, how you gonna know what to do?
When I bring the pain to your veins, you're lost in a...


Now I can bring it on back, can you not hear me?
Tell it to you once then twice and then you fear me
When people look at me and then they call me psycho
Now my brain and my mind's goin loco
Shut up punk and listen to me
You can't help but wonder what life will bring upon you see
Well you think it's all over but it's only begun
And so the next time I see you it's on!


Just shut up and leave me alone
Will you live or die tomorrow?
Just shut up and leave me alone
Will you live or die?

I can see that you are this enemy not a friend to me
And livin in this life is a tragic dose of reality
I can't hold it back anymore so thin I let it go
I feel it inside my brain are you afraid?
Now come on and tell me why can't you see?
Livin a lie, you'll never die livin you can't be
I cannot take anymore, I cannot see anymore
I cannot be anymore, leave me alone

Just shut up and leave me alone
Will you live or die tomorrow?
Just shut up and leave me alone