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15 Presents

There's a home near the shore
Where I'll go, go once more
There's a light down the hall
Where two lovers will fall
Once again, and again, and again

When the wind blows off shore
Feels so strange, but it's warm
Running 'cross neighbor's lawns
Throwing stones in the palms
Chase the owl, all night long, all night long
All night long

Like the Summers, too good to last
(They're bound to fall)
Fifteen presents wrapped up in the past
(I loved them all)
Sad to see them all go by so fast
Too good to last
Too good to last

Racing boats in the rain
Smell of chocolate cake again
There's a dog in the yard
With the kids playing hard
While the cat on the wall watches all

It's time to capture the flag
Share your lunch from a bag
It all ended too soon
Fifteen presents in these rooms
Now they're gone, like the fog, now they're gone
I'll move on
I'll move on
I'm moving on

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