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Confira a Letra Back To The Well


Back To The Well

I hope I can hope again
That's how it begins
A light in the distance
A scent on the wind

To believe I can believe again
In the grandest of things
In what the past has taken
In what the future brings

How many times can I climb that same hill
Hoping to find what I'm not sure I will?
Thought I dug deep but I'll dig deeper still
To find my way back to the well
How many times can I carry that load
Through the same valley and down the same road?
As many times as my heart will go
Find my way back to the well...back to the well

So I'm trying to try again
In spite of all that's come before
Only a fool or a hero would go back for more

Still I hope I can hope again
'Cause I dont know any other way
Right or wrong that's just how I was born and raised


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