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Confira a Letra The Girl In 204


The Girl In 204

There's a girl in 204 now
And she's got her eye on me
And I feel I'll get to know her
'Cause I live in 123

Now her room's across the courtyard
And her windows all face south
So I dream of us on the fire escape
Flame to flame and mouth to mouth

And I don't need no potions
For breaking down these walls
But this heart may soon be broken
'Cause I am a man who falls

Oh maybe I'm just waiting here
Maybe I'll go up inside
Hoping for the invitation
To enjoy the ride
Or sleep alone

And now the lights have all gone out now
And there's no one else around
I could play just like the Gods now
But I feel just like a clown

And if it's no heaven
It's alright 'cause I've been dealing with hell
And all the signs have all been given
And there's no one else to tell


Now before this night is dead…
Another night slips through my fingers
Like the girl in 204
All I have is just her silhouette
And God, I pray for something more