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Confira a Letra The Lost Weekend


The Lost Weekend

(Looking back)
When I think about the way we wound up here
(You and me)
I think it all came down to that one weekend
(Never thought)
We only planned to say hello again
(It could be)
You walked in my door and it began

We called it a Lost Weekend
Three days out of time
Friday turned to Monday to the rest of our lives
The Lost Weekend
Hiding away from the world

(After all)
After all we’d put our friends and family through
(It was there)
Just the two of us alone again
(And we knew)
You had somebody and I had somebody
(What we knew)
We’d been apart so long by then


And as we lay there so long
Yeah, it felt kind of wrong
But that’s what made it so strong
‘Cause we were never really gone

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