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Confira a Letra The New Fury


The New Fury

They've got themselves a new spin on the story, twisted for one-sided glory.
Devastation soon becoming fuel for the masses new fury.
A greddy hand in the guise of a good man.
So threatening. So deafening. So silencing, that familiar stance.
The burden now passed to us, we lose our footing but still try to stand. No control.
No more rules. Perpetual war for perpetual peace turn a blind eye to poverty while manufacturing new enemies.
The new slave's south of the border, murdered or overseas.
We still sturggle with the fact that one percent has ninety-nine on their knees.
Washington's drawing up war plans, while there's still no hope for the homeless man.
No one should have to live under these men, iron fists with gun in hand.
No more control. No more rules. They try to make you and me live life by their design: No free thought.
No free speech.
No peace of mind.
they make a move to confine.
But they'll never silence me as long as
I can breathe.