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Confira a Letra Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame

Vestal Claret

Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame

Oh leath on me punishment of loss
Strip thee thy senses before I am to cross
Where worn dieth not and fire not be quenched
Shall y soul forever now in hell be spent
Removeth from me all that giveth cheer
So I may face then all the things that I worst fear
Alloeth me to toil an endless pain

Without the threat of blister in its burning flames
Laeth on my punishment of loss
Strip thee thy sense before I am to cross
Will endurement to the heirs of shame
Forbear torment to those who fear thy name
Take way sensation so I can't perceive
When plagued with wretched unrelent in misery
Remove from me all bring on my delight

When under wrath and in the sentencing of spite
Let not to suffer as be the accursed
May it not my bleeding that satisfy your thirst
Though it is so I am of the condemned
Impenitent as I am to meet my dying end