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Confira a Letra Pray on the Grave

Violet Sun

Pray on the Grave

I don't know where I am
I feel strange, so strange within
My sensations are unclear

I just feel the depth, down in cemetery's ruins
I nurse the essence of my life

Choir: Broken line you're lost in time!!!

Pray on my grave
'Cause I'm gone forever
Pray on the grave
Faith and disgrace
Don't cry for me, it's too late
Pray on my grave

No more weight on me, no more voices all around
I remember just my name

Screaming: Tell me where I am... I feel the remorse deep inside
'Cause there's no more time for regrets

Keep me afloat in space
Light on the mystery place
I no longer hear a human sound

Choir: Let your spirit fly away!

Pray on my grave
'Cause I'm gone forever
Pray on the grave
Faith and disgrace
Don't call me, I can't tell
Pray on my grave

Alternative chorus
Sometimes I've been unfair and cold without a pray to stop me
So many times out of control
There's no way out into this storm, the flames of pain are burning
Nobody hears my desperate call