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Confira a Letra Beetlejuice Bukkake

Viral Load

Beetlejuice Bukkake

Victimizing the innocent purging the flesh of the infidel
Duct-taped mouth, knots secured peel the undergarments aside
Very carefully feed her my cock
Inch by inch demi-god's judgement
On this worthless bitch instruments of torture
Pains divine razor slits
Lower abdomen foul life forms
Methodically inserted next to the intestines
Insects feasting on the bowels of the living
Parasitic hunger
Dying from the inside
Insect infested cadaver impure fantasies
Demonic desires precise incisions
Malicious coroner of the living
Disease of the lunatic, addicted to the gore
Post-mortem fuck frenzy
Lacerations… defecations… ejaculations… abominations