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Confira a Letra Not Alone


Not Alone

Take your broken dreams, lost and left away
Where the silence lives, where you meet the pain
Paradise of fears, fire without a flame
Face without tears, tears without shame
When you found the key, then you lost the way
Love desapears, you die another day

When you're down and hope is gone
Speak to the sky, your're not alone
In every time you must be strong
Make up your mind, you're not alone
Love finds the way, you just need to pray
Somehow you know, you're not alone
Lift up your voice, sing to the throne
Praising the Lord, you're not alone

you're not alone
you must be strong
God is allways
allways there for you

Please don't let the world
let you down
never let this life
make you cry
'cause you're not alone!