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Confira a Letra Wolf



1st verse:
Your a wolf in sheepskin
you broke apart
the only passageway that leads
to my lonley heart

deceptivly kind
romantic and cute
you served me champagne on ice
in a strawberry flute

Don't try to fake it
don't try to hide
Don't you know that you took all I had
and left me with nothing but my pride

Don't try to fight me
don't try to scam
your as worthless to me as a stinking
can of low fat spam

2nd verse:
Sexy curves
Muscles and tan
are all that your made up behind
the show but there's nothin' within

Passion and glory
Defeat and hate
Your endless confessions of lying to me
are much to late

Don't you know you took all I had
don't you know
was I really all that bad
for you to throw

Did you loose all your self respect
have you gotten to the guilt effect
or are you just still standing there alone

Your a wolf in sheep's clothes
nothing but wolf
hiding behind that face that looks
so sweet and innocent

You're a Wolf in sheep's skin