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Confira a Letra Fighter



1st Verse:
You're a fighter
Filled with desire
Never ending energy
You're a fighter
Dream on

From that you have risen you've built your own prison
Poisoned your blood and your soul (mind)
Hypocrite fool you've broken your own rules
And let all your passion go (left all your love behind)

1 st Chorus:
Stars spinning round your head
They all thought you'd be dead
But that blood in your mouth won't get rid of itself
Got to get back your desire
Spit it back in their face and make them the disgrace
Got to burn them up with fire.

2 nd Chorus:
Thunder shakes the earth
Flashes light the sky
You don't know what to do when the rain fills your glass
And it keeps on rising higher
All inside your excited but then you get scared when it overflows

Because your Full……..

3 rd Chorus:
Thunder shakes the earth
Flashes light the sky
All the things that you thought so important before
You don't even care anymore
You're a skeletous hide, nothing left because media has swallowed your soul.

Last Verse:
You're a fighter
Lost your desire
Where did all your purpose go
You're a fighter