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Confira a Letra The Carnage Rages On


The Carnage Rages On

Carnage - March through gore
with heads held high
Euphoria - Ecstasy of blood
Relentless - Never show compassion
Torment - Blood Fire Death

Dark decades of pure death
Stop at nothing
The carnage rages on

Plunging - Into the realm of chaos
Ravage - Apocalyptic raids
Abhorrence - Contempt for your gods
Superior - Second to none

Dark decades in the sign of evil
Rise above
The carnage rages on

Symphonies of sickness
Battle hymns
Serenades of violence
Choirs of the dead (dead, dead, dead)

Boisterous assaults
Rampage - Knuckleduster kiss
Traitors - We vomit in your face
Unbelievers - Pounded into dust