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Confira a Letra Hide-Out

Vôo Noturno


How come I can only be so lonely
Standing in the crowd until the morning comes
Bringing me the one, and only reason
I live for...
Lights are very slowly disappearing
And I wonder if they'll still be shinning there
When you come around don't ask for feelings
I won't cry...
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes it could be you
Sometimes I feel so sure I don't know what to do
Just give me na answer!!!
Where do I go?
I've lost my way
I can't be found in my little, little hide-out
Into your arms, I lost my mind
You can't be found
In my little, little hide-out
Life goes so fast in such a way
You hardly came in
Now you must be leaving
I tried so hard to change your mind
But all I got from you is just your last good-bye