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Confira a Letra Aurea Élégie


Aurea Élégie

He dances on freezing waters
Time remains from nothing
The dried veins of a fragile existence
Forced to haunt in
A vastland, blanket of mist
A spirit, without a soul
The narrow hall
From where existence is born
The sky breathes
Cold winds

But no life is left
Doomed to roam
In a vastland
Trees which taunt him
Mountains that cease to rise
Oak has shattered
Whence a strong branch
The limbs will crack
And form a shattered frown
An unforgivable existence
Bounded by self grief

A once life
Trapped in a sphere of anguish
Sullen eyes grasp to embrace
Unable to see
What once was
Gazing beyond eternities
Obscured slumber
Ascent from serenity
The illusion of existence
Perpetuated by a condemned spirit
Hopeless and ruined
As a wretched phantom
Bound by eternal grief
For eternity