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Confira a Letra Within The Master's Chambers


Within The Master's Chambers

Born under the sunless beauty
Born into a world of hatred
Desolation in the mind's eye
Carnivorous and dejected
Wanting more in this existence
Not ready for my own fate
Destroying what little I have
To gain more than what I crave

Hate-filled lust
This world is grey

The maelstrom, she comes
Procession of a dying past
A coffin fit for an emperor
Strive for the Inner Funeral
Bereaving my own deception
I shall join the forest's nightcall
Never again shall I feel my flesh
as it strangles my ancient spirit

Hate-filled lust
This world is grey

Bring me the kingdom of total Death
So that I may dive into its oblivion
To rid myself of mortal pain
To feel myself die one thousand more times
To descend to the pits in rapture and bliss
To ascend to the climax of the Astral Realms
Within the Master's clandestine chambers
I seek shelter from the light