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Confira a Letra Somebody's Saturday Night

Walter Becker

Somebody's Saturday Night

Somebody's Saturday night seems pleased to meet you
Slouched in a booth at Pamela's Pistol Dawn
Drink drink cigarette talkie talk drink drink smoke smoke cigarette
Up to the room with the beddie-bye goin' on

Somebody's Saturday night says oh I get it
You want to go where no man's ever been
Down in the coal mine goin' down turn around push push turn around
Digging up the gold and carrying it back again

She looked good
In the available light
She was somebody's Saturday night
She said it ain't wrong
But it's not quite right
Guess it's somebody's Saturday night

Somebody's Saturday night says hey it's raining
You wouldn't kick a good girl out on a night like this
He says she says the demon in me says just you watch me
Pucker up darling for my legendary good night kiss

She's no fool
But she's none too bright
She's just somebody's Saturday night
She stays cool
If not watertight
Such is somebody's Saturday night

Only a girl -
One more is up and gone
Leaving nobody
To blame the whole thing on - baby

Somebody's Saturday night is walking in the moonlight
Playing on the beads of her beatnik rosary
Thinking: Nobody gives it exactly the way that you want it
No one ever gets it with a money-back guarantee

But I been born with the second sight
Now I'm looking in the mirror at somebody's Saturday night
I get along
In fact I do all right
Being somebody's Saturday night