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Confira a Letra Yet Another Fallen Eve

War of Ages

Yet Another Fallen Eve

Ever revealing hope to our comfort
Fills the void within our hearts
Father reveal our worth, save us
This is our last breath

Unconditional love, could it be she's found it
Oh it feels so real, don't hold your breath
His hands move down her thigh, taking seconds with every pass
Please, please, don't ever leave me
She feels the burning in every heartbeat

Dance through another night of fear
I'm hopeless without You
Hold her close beneath your wings and keep her safe
Hold her forever.
I can't forgive myself for the wound that I left You
Save us, I'm begging You this is our last breath

Look into her eyes, tears fall and hit the floor
Her sweat still on his chest, a night filled with much regret
Blind to the reality of the lasting impression
Oh God I need You now, Lord we surrender

God You are my shelter
Lord I want to burn with passion
Father You are the Prince of Peace
God You are my shelter

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