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Confira a Letra Forgotten Valley


Forgotten Valley

A legend of long ago,
Images that once were foretold.
A Valley full of mystery,
It's our crucial final step

All the time,
All the fight,
We were no match
To avoid this ending.

And the tale becomes real
Let's face shadow days

Deadly storms,
Evil signs,
The end is the end,
It will always come

And the nature calls the new
Renovation of mankind

It began long before,
When Nedara showed her face
When the demons sang their choir
And the Knights ripped our heads

And we fight,
And we lose,
Can you hear
The children crying?

See the pictures of pain,
Still inside of ourselves

All the blood,
All the iron,
The sacrifice
To a new world.

A new saga begins,
To the promise lands.

Beyond our choice,
We heard the voice
That warned us about
The future

Beyond the Walls,
Beyond the vows,
There, where sleeps
A new sunrise

By our last forces
We may find some
Hope, light,
And brilliant dreams

It's all done,
And probably written
In our fortunes.
It's destiny