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Confira a Letra Crying Nights


Crying Nights

The darkness of my mind
An empty space that you left in my days
The touch from your hands
That kiss to forever feel

My heart, freed from my missions
Could only hear one voice,
And you should have filled it with love
But gave me sadness and lies

And I'm missing you tonight
It was a fake, but it's okay
Crying nights and desperate days
A new life, to erase my past

And now the truth
Made me realize
That you were one
That I will never find

I've closed my eyes
Your beauty blinded me
Once, you kept me in silence
And for all eternity I will not speak

There is no more reason
Neither visions of the unseen
The future has no predictions
For me and for all my dreams

And I miss you in my life
Another day without a smile
Crying nights and desperate days
A new life, to mend my soul

Crying nights and desperate days
A sacrifice, to the Iced Age

And now the truth
Made me realize
That I can find
The wrongs and rights