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Confira a Letra We Want Yo Hands Up

Warren G

We Want Yo Hands Up

Your musical evolution has ended. We control the sound.
Its time we all got down. We bring you electrofonic funk funk funk funk.

We want yo hands in the air with yo mouth shut
with Hershey Locc on the mic and Warren G is on the cut
we make your heart beat, with Hershey Locc and Warren G

[Mr. Malik]
We make yo heart beat like the beat of a heart
with these rhymes I release busta B plays his part
get it start, get it set, I bet we goin
G Funk plus timer the energize bunny still goin
ain't you knowin, I'm so seasick and tired of these niggaz
tryin to get us all start up, cuz they got caught up by trickaz now
lock down to all blood clots, Malik and Warren G and we shakin up

[Warren G]
plots, when we got work to do
from Atlanta GA to the beach with the Long Beach Crew
ooh, what would you do what we do, what we do when we comin after

[Mr. Malik]
They say that drama for they Mama, no we can't talk like Tevyn
wonder why they families cried and died before 97
them and they sins burn to heavy make it all the way to heaven
and we keep bellin, yo G Z it ain't easy tell em

[Warren G]
its the second time arizzound
you know we gotta clizzown
Young GFC and Hershey Locc from the pizzound
from OG to BG, from BG to OG
my sounds thump pump pump and you know me

[Chorus x2]
We want yo hands in the air with yo mouth shut
with Hershey Locc on the mic and Warren G in the cut
we make your heart beat, with Hershey Locc and Warren G

[Mr Malik]
Now he's solo while we roll up on yo block like the kesops
makin everybody drop stop and stand it one spizzop
We have it locked, to the tic toc it dont stop
from our block to his block, it is that world bombs a lot
everybody got glocks, but let him learn about
how them worms rock to the worms drop
yeah you heard we rock, microphones by the masses
you never smash it, I get C-Notes diggin for the casket
it gets drastic, no need to ask if, we straight up mashin
if we dont start up all y'all to ball cashin
the throat locc apparatus when
front to back again, what you want we back again
now if a spliff did lyrically gifted, time to rap it then
so everybody throw your muthafunkin hands up in the wind
la la la la la , dee dee da dee dee da dee da

Chorus x2

[Warren G]
I got brew D like brady more like trump
like the homey Tracy D who the quick to dunk
follow me, back to the situation at hand
we make your heartbeat bounce, wit ya hands on your chest and your
open I'm scopin, the homey straight loccin, break we go for broken
what you smokin? the bomb blueberry
G Z Whee Z's back and its scary
to each and everyone of you wannabes
you wants none of these we rap catastrophies
make ya heart beat ooh, ahh, dee dee da dee dee da dee dee da dee da

[Chorus x4]