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Confira a Letra That's How It Feels


That's How It Feels

It's such a crazy ride,
You feel it deep inside,
It's seems like I could touch the sky,
The sky,

Just being close to her,
She heals me, she's my cure,
From all the pain out in the world,

That's how it feels when you know you finally found that,
Can't wait until your back around the,
Like we can look for the dreamer to die to be here,
yeah, that's how it feels.

There's no more mystery,
As long as she's with me,
It's all become so clear to see,


It's like driving way to fast,
On the wrong backseat,
From the grass,
It's like playing on the beach,
Where the ocean, yeah, smells so sweet.
That's how it feels.

yeah that's how it feels.