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Confira a Letra Melodies & Illusions Lost... Vegas

Way To Guillotine

Melodies & Illusions Lost... Vegas

It is four in the morning and we're rocking this city
today we do not sleep, today the city is not slept
bet all the chips, spend all petrol and we are running out of luck
It is 4 am and the bars close in the open.

We're slow dancing melody
Casino full, dancing women, men smoking
and amidst the smoke you get to disappear again
As every night, I do not see your eyes, no longer feel your body, do not see you
I can only hear their voices, lost in this place only hear voices ghosts.

Voices calling me, I'm lost
Hand pulling me to this very real dream
Seeing ghosts of the past...

Ghosts everywhere farce everywhere, everything is illusion
every night, dreams so real, that disappear among cigarette smoke and
feeling so real, they become a nothing when everything disappears
But every night it happens, you pull me that, it forces me to.

No more having to go through this, I just want to rest in peace (Leave me alone)
Burial and burn everything that belonged to him and not left me more memories, no injured
Now I can rest in peace, rest in one place I have left.
This is my deathbed.