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Confira a Letra Pillar Of Fire

Wayne Kramer

Pillar Of Fire

Shakes gotta case of colt 45 an I got an AK47
Shakes gotta VCR to go an I got an AK47
Buds gotta a brand new pair of reeboks an I got an AK47
Buds gotta pipe an Shakes gotta lighter an I got an AK47

The warnings plain for all to see
The writing crowds the wall
Now greed has spawned disaster
And pride precedes the fall
The rapid fire of destiny
Takes history by the hour
Now you and me have chained ourselves
To the pillar of fire.

The deputys got a shotgun
The Marines got CS gas
The cops have got a swagger
Says you can kiss my ass
Politician now aint nothing
But another word for liar
The only truth is in the light
of the pillar of fire.

Rising from the jewelfield
Rising from the plain
Rising from the liquormart
Rising from the pain
Rising from consuming rage
Rising from the mire
Rising from Los Angeles
Awesome pillar of fire.

The Huxtables cant save us
Willy Horton takes the point
St. Theresa of the Roses
Works a topless joint
Cant trust no ballgame hero
Til hes on the barricade
And Eddie Murphys having lunch
With Himmler in the shade
And high above the carnage
Cold eyes with no desire
While you and me in fascination
Approach the pillar of fire.