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Confira a Letra Sharkskin Suit

Wayne Kramer

Sharkskin Suit

Theres a style of suit that I really dig
But you cannot wear them if you get too big
Cool in the past
Cool in the present
When the light hits right
Its damn iridescent
If I stumble on a robbery
Ill scream dont shoot!
Couldnt stand to have any holes
In my sharkskin suit.
The Cadillac of suits.

Yeah, theyre worn by pimps and some wiseguys, see?
Aint no doubt about it they are right for me
Like Frankie, Sammy,
And that rat pack mob
Were showing America
Dont dress like a slob
With Joey and Dino
They were all in cahoots Its Oceans 11 In sharkskin suits.
The Cadillac of suits.

It was confirmed last night for the world to see
Lyle Lovett was on TV
He was cool as always
And smart to boot
What do you think he was wearing?
A brown sharkskin suit
Sharkskins eternal
Sharkskins grand
Its just the thing
If you play in a band
The tapered leg
The narrow lapel
The cut and shine
Well, youre cool as hell
If I make a million bucks
And thats a lot of loot
Some of it would go
For some sharkskin suits.
The Cadillac of suits.