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Confira a Letra Back To Detroit

Wayne Kramer

Back To Detroit"

It's a hard wind blows through the buildings and empty lots
As the corner of michigan and 31st waits in ruin
And the echoes of happy shoppers faded long, long, long ago
Back when chrysler, gm and ford went mad with greed

Oh, how we hoped it would turn out right
Going back to detroit

Kid could ride his bike through any neighborhood in town
No fear of getting jacked for his sneakers
Drive-bys only happened to the purple gang
Back before the rebellion of '67

Still we dreamed it could turn out right
Movin back to detroit
Drove down from st. claire, took all night
Going back to detroit

From east grand boulevard to michigan and 31st
Over to livernois and warren
And then the upper duplex of elmer and mcgraw street
And then the big move to our own whole house in lincoln park
Which shattered into a rental in taylor
And the endless search for the great good place
Was redeemed by the power of loud electric guitars

Up the river it's all forests and secret trails
And forts and swamps and dogs and boats
And the day held a million adventures for a boy of seven
But that was before the time of later ghosts

Lost paradise left behind
Huck finn hits the steets and the neon light
Hope against hope it'll turn out right
Going back to detroit.
Drove down from algonac, took all night
Going back to detroit