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Confira a Letra God's Worst Nightmare

Wayne Kramer

God's Worst Nightmare

Churchbells ringing. thunder beating time
Survivors of the government running for the line
Shadow freaks, dixie geeks, they come in all sizes
Break the wheel of fortune and carry off the prizes
Suture queens, slash teens, rocket boys too
God's worst nightmare is coming after you

Still in the basement, dreaming up perversions
Deathcamp tickets with the video version
Insect secretions when the lights grow dim
Aztec rituals and gypsy hymns
Caligula and sparky and little boy blue

Shebazz is raging and ophelia weeps
Desdemona's going down on the kid who never sleeps
Chained in the marketplace, crying in the rain
With a fatal attraction to new concepts in pain
Amazing grace is maxed out,
Stealing spiders from the zoo
God's worst nightmare is coming after you