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Confira a Letra You Don't Know My Name

Wayne Kramer

You Don't Know My Name

Driving down the boulevard on thursday afternoon
A german shepherd's yappin' like a saturday cartoon.
Saw you at the record store posing for the press,
Smiling like a buddah in a purple minidress.

You can't talk my talk
You can't walk my walk
You can't feel my pain
You don't know my name

You're dancing like a diplomat in bruno magli shoes
I'm living at the laundramat and trying to stay amused
A silver dollar in your mouth and an apple in your hand
And your throwing me an anchor as i swim to viet nam.

It might be jimmy hoffa, it might be jesus christ
Emperor of millions with a bowl of dirty rice.
Know that he's deceitful, know he can be sly
Damn sure know he's tricky and know the reason why.