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Confira a Letra Oh!

Oh, oh, oh

We always said we wanted
Oh, oh, oh
Take your time, take a seat, take a sit down
Deep breathes, look around at the surrounds
Blinding me, blinding you, as they astound
Sipping in, sipping in, sipping in the crowd
Name tag tugs you to the lost and found
Take a bank note out given from the crown
Peeling back both your ears till you caught the sound
From the back from the front from the overground

We always said we wanted
Oh, oh, oh

Lets speak while the freaks are whispering
All the while in style, no one listening
Bare bones, all the clones, in control
They know and we know how this unfold
Confused, amused, as they hit the floor
One more tap tap, on the double door
Stepping up, stepping up, now you feel good
Just like you were told, that you always would

We always said we wanted
Oh, oh, oh