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Confira a Letra I Liked You More

Lost And Found

I Liked You More

I saw you out walking with a guy last night, yeah
The one you told me all you ever did was fight with
Well I dont know whats become of the girl that I knew
Between your old boyfriends and your new boyfriends
Well, God only knows where the boys will end
I liked your friends more when you belonged to me

And now you tell me that you've really channged your mind about
What you need to live and what you cant live without
I dont care what you think, as long as your thoughts are your own
But you're strutting around like you own the world
And you claim to be a woman when you act like a girl
You had a spine when you belonged to me

You say you need to know where I've been and with who
You tell me you'll tell me if I tell you
My heart dont want to hear what your heart has to say
I can break it myself, yeah, thanks anyway

You told me that you wouldn't never go to bed
With no smooth-talking guy without losing your head
You said: My eyes are open ain't nobody gonna get me free
But you've been with three guys since I saw you last
And you say you can't respect me on acount of my past
I respected you more when you belonged to me
I liked you more when you belonged to me
I liked your friends more when you belonged to me