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Confira a Letra Heaven Knows

When In Rome

Heaven Knows

Heaven knows I've tried, but nothing will give way at all
I always see your face at the start of every day
You always set the rhythm that makes my body ache
Like mortar from a wall it's just your back you break

Heaven knows I've tried to treat you better
Heaven knows I've tried to give a little bit more
How much will it take to stay together
Heaven knows we've tried but we drifted apart
Right from the start

You always broke the border, it was always there to break
I gave you all my loving, as much as you could take
But still there's something missing, it's gone missing deep inside
My words don't compensate at all, for the all the nights we died

(repeat chorus)

A love you can't have, a love you can't face
A love you broke once, a love you broke twice
What seemed like love, felt like pain
Everywhere you moved, it's gonna to be the same
Blame it on people, blame it on the cards
Whichever you do, It's going to the stars

(repeat chorus)

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