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Confira a Letra Look Me In The Eyes

Whisper of Wonder

Look Me In The Eyes

Do you remember,
Our lives together?
Do you remember,
When you said forever?

You held my hand
You knew our plan
You looked me in the eyes
And you lied

Forgive me, my darling
If i brought you can illusion
I'm sorry if i can't tell you that i love you
I'm falling to my knees
Falling to my knees

Because you, you're the one
Who stood right beside me
Because you, you're the one
Who silenced all my screams

I try to speaking throught choking feeling in throat
I'll try to tell you with every words tha i wrote
I want your heart so my anguish can soon subside
Tell me you'll fill the emptyness on the inside

I thought this is wha you wanted
I thougth my heart was enough, for you
And if you can't see,
You're everything to me,
How can we ever be?