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Confira a Letra Section 8


Section 8

We are nothing

Fuck your lives
I hate everyone
Look through the eyes of a madman
The skeletons in your closet
Have rotted to the bone
They're your families, your loved ones
They're never coming home

This world will rot from the inside out

We all have created the evil that worships our souls
I am no exception
We all have hidden agendas we claim don't exist
You are no exception

How many times will it take
To open your eyes to reality's flaws
How many minds will it take to rot away
And shut the system down

Now society's future cries can be heard in present day
And your ancestors are turning in their fucking graves

We are nothing, we are worthless
Medicate your brain to eliminate all the hate you create
We are nothing, we are worthless
This will be the day we all meet our fate and forever decay

(i am already dead, i am already forgotten
Until the day comes that i am proven wrong
I will wither away with the rest of you
We have made us this way
We have become worthless)

We are nothing
You're all worthless